• Agricultural Soil Surfactant

• Soil Retention Agent


Variant is a surfactant and resin blend that improves the uniform movement of water through the soil profile and assists in holding moisture within the plant germination zone. 


This unique blend of vegetable oil-derived surfactant and resin ingredients works to enhance soil absorption and minimizes leaching and loss of critical concentration for a range of soil applied nutrients and crop protection applications.


Use rates are determined by the volume of liquid carrier applied per acre.:

If using 5-10 GPA spray volume: Use 8 fl. oz. per acre

If using 10-20 GPA spray volume: Use 16 fl. oz. per acre

If using 20-30 GPA spray volume: Use 24 fl. oz. per acre

If using 30+ GPA spray volume: Use 32 fl. oz. per acre


Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.


QUANTUM Tutorial

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