Rooted in science

Since 1932, KALO has focused on science and common sense to advance agriculture, seed care and turf management. From our early days as KALO Inoculant Company based in Quincy, Illinois the KALO name has been recognized as a leading supplier of seed care specialty products, tank mix adjuvants and turf water management products. KALO is one of the longest continuously operated suppliers of adjuvants, specialty products and seed care related agricultural inputs in the U.S. today. KALO led the way with the introduction of legume seed inoculants and continues today by supplying distributors, Agricultural retailers, and growers with a premium offering of seed care solutions. Seed treaters and growers know and trust Legacy™ and Vigor® Soybean Inoculants and homeowners look to Nature’s Aid® Garden Inoculants for their yield enhancing performance. KALO’s strategic marketing role with Agrilead, Inc., a Russell, Kansas based innovative supplier of seed colorants, custom polymer/colorant blends, dust-off and flow enhancing additives focuses on this emerging market. 

Innovation through the decades

Innovation through the decades Marion Laboratories, Inc. a Kansas City based pharmaceutical company acquired KALO in 1968 as one of Marion’s first acquisitions in its diversification efforts. The newly named KALO Laboratories, Inc. later acquired Colloidal Products Corporation of Petaluma, California, a leading manufacturer of agricultural adjuvants. With the resources available through Marion, and the forward-looking business philosophy employed by Marion’s founder, Ewing M. Kauffman, KALO entered a new phase of product innovation that continues today.

A leading supplier

What started as just a family owned seed inoculant supplier, KALO has now grown into a complete line of adjuvant, seed care, specialty, and turf water management products that cover a broad range of uses. KALO provides technical support encompassing formulation development, packaging, label design and order fulfillment operations.


X-77® Spreader-Activator was introduced as the first widely used nonionic tank mix adjuvant of its kind. Regulaid® has long been recognized as the leading tank mix adjuvant for tree fruit blossom thinning and fungicide sprays. For golf course maintenance, KALO introduced Hydro-Wet® Turf Wetting Agent and Tournament-Ready® Soil Surfactant and the Pro-Ap® Professional Applicator for hoseend liquid application of wetting agent and specialty products. KALO has been a leading supplier of dry, water conditioning agents with Spray-Start™, One-Ap XL®, Fraction™ and Check-Point®. DRI® Nonionic Surfactant is the most widely used dry water-soluble nonionic surfactant blended with ammonium sulfate water conditioners.

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