• Dry Seed Coating

• Delivers Seed Shine

• Improves Seed Flow

• Suppresses Dust-Off


Pizazz is a dry seed coating technology designed to deliver shine and improved flow to treated seed with minimal fugitive dust when handling and applying the product.


Seeds treated with Pizazz have more consistent coverage with better seed flow.


Pizazz is formulated with bio-friendly components that are safe to use with inoculants and other biological seed treatment products.


Use Rates

General use rate for small round smooth seed (such as soybean): 0.60 to 0.80 ounces per 100 pounds of seed.

General use rate for large irregular shaped seed: Up to 1 ounce or more per 100 pounds of seed.


The final Pizazz rate selected should be based upon preference for seed appearance and finished seed flow characteristics.

Pizazz should be dispensed to flowing streams of seed in a manner that allows the treatment to be distributed and coated onto the individual seed surfaces. 

Suggested application points include: at the finished slurry treatment transition, conveyor transitions, or any other seed flow points where seed will be tumbled and rolled prior to deposit into the  final seed storage container.


Pizazz is a trademark of Agrilead, Inc. and is Distributed by KALO, Inc.


4 x 10 Pound Bags per Case

Pizazz image
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