FGVO (Food Grade Vegetable Oil)

• Food Grade Vegetable Oil

FGVO is a food-grade vegetable oil which has been conveniently packaged and made available for use in seed and other grain handling operations.


FGVO is safe and approved for use on raw agricultural commodities used for feed processing purposes, or may be mixed and applied with seed treatment products that do not prohibit the use of vegetable oil.


FGVO may be sprayed or misted directly upon flowing streams of raw grain commodities to suppress fugitive dust during processing.


Use Rates

FGVO may be used as an additive in seed treatment applications where slurried mixture of seed protectants maintained under continuous agitation are applied directly to the seed through atomization and secondary seed tumbling. 

To reduce stickiness of post-treated seed on equipment, conveyors and other processing surfaces: Add 0.25 to 1.0 fluid ounces of FGVO per 100 pounds of treated seed.

For fugitive grain dust suppression: FGVO may be sprayed or misted directly upon flowing streams of raw grain commodities to suppress fugitive dust during processing.

Restricted for labeled uses only! Although this product is manufactured with food-grade components, it has been repackaged and redistributed within an industrial plant and therefore should only be used for the purposes stated on the label.


FGVO is a trademark of Agrilead, Inc. and is Distributed by KALO, Inc.


2 x 2.5 Gallon Jugs

265 Gallon Tote

FGVO (Food Grade Vegetable Oil) image
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