• Seed Treater Atomizer with Sleek-Spin Design


Sleek-spinning atomizer design allows for self-cleaning functionality after every use to prevent excessive build-up of treatment slurry in caged atomizer designs.


Operates smoother and quieter with less stress upon the atomizer motor.


Reduces labor and hassles associated with frequent atomizer cleaning intervals.


Delivers excellent coverage on a consistent basis.


EZ-MIZER Kit Includes: 

• SLEEK SPIN™ Atomizing Wheel 

• TURBO-CLEANSE™ Surface/Stain Cleaner

• Necessary Wrenches and Screws 

• Thread Locking Compound

• Installation Instructions 


EZ-Mizer is a trademark of Agrilead, Inc. and is Distributed by KALO, Inc.

EZ-Mizer Installation and Upgrade Kit


EZ-Mizer image
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