Leeway Ultra

• Water Conditioner

• Penetrant


Leeway Ultra is a blend of water conditioning agents and surfactants formulated for use with a broad range of pesticide and nutrient spray mixtures.


The water conditioning ingredients in Leeway Ultra work to reduce hard water mineral antagonism of pesticide spray mixtures.


Leeway Ultra improves pesticide performance by modifying the wetting and deposition of spray applications for more uniform coverage.


Leeway Ultra is particularly effective with glyphosate-type herbicides that respond favorably to water conditioners and enhanced absorption of the targeted plant tissue.


Note: Spray application performance can be influenced by environmental factors, spray volume, spray pressure, companion tank mix products, spray equipment, weed or pest pressures and other factors.


Use Rates

Ground, Aerial, CDA: 2 to 8 pints per 100 gallons of spray mixture. Some pesticides may require higher or lower use rates. Always consult the pesticide label instructions prior to use.


Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.


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