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D-Act Spray System Cleaner is a dual-action spray system cleaner.


D-Act Part A is one component of the system and must be combined in spray tank with D-Act Part B in order to be effective.


The D-Act Spray System Cleaner is a proprietary technology designed to deactivate Dicamba residues in herbicides spray systems. Use only in the second rinse of the triple rinse protocol per the Directions fo Use. 


NOTE: DO NOT USE WITH METALLIC BASED PESTICIDES. The D-Act Spray system Cleaner is NOT an adjuvant and should only be used per the Directions for Use on the label. This product is not compatible with, and should not be used in, spray systems that have roller pumps. Refer to package label for more precautionary statements. 


Directions For Use

The D-Act Spray System Cleaner is to be used in the following triple rinse protocol per the pesticide label, which requires the spray system to be cleaned immediately after application of Dicamba.

After spraying, drain the sprayer (including boom and lines) immediately. Do NOT allow the spray solutions to remain in the spray boom overnight prior to flushing.

Flush tank, hoses, boom and nozzles with clean water. if equipped, open boom ends and flush.

Remove and rinse all strainers, screens, and filters and reinstall in system.

Prepare the cleaning solution with the D-Act Spray System Cleaner by adding sufficient water (a minimum of 15% of the tank volume) to the spray tank suitable to provide for proper cleaning. Take care to wash all parts of the tank, including the inside top surface. turn on the recirculation pump. Add the ENTIRE 2.5-gallon jug of D-Act Part A to the spray tank. DO NOT save a partial jug. Add the ENTIRE 2.5-gallon just of D-Act Part B to the spray tank. DO NOT save a partial jug.

Flush hoses, boom, spray lines and nozzles with the D-Act Spray System Cleaner solution until spray pattern turns rust color and then shut off flow to the boom. Some dripping from nozzles may occur. Continue tank recirculation for 20 minutes.

Drain sump, filter and lines.

Rinse the entire spraying system with clean water making sure it sprays through the boom. The rinse water from all phases of the triple rinse protocol must be disposed on in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines.


Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.


Part A: 2.3 Gallon Half-Moon Jug

Part B: 2.3 Gallon Half-Moon Jug

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