Spreader-Sticker Adjuvant

Problem Solved with Mainstay

  • IF…You want a spreader sticker surfactant with drift suppressing properties

  • USE…Mainstay

  • TO…improve herbicide efficacy and mitigate off-target drift

General Information

  • Mainstay is a water dispersible, nonionic spreader-sticker adjuvant that is formulated to improve the efficiency of a variety of pesticides by increasing droplet spreading and adhesion onto leaf surfaces.
  • Mainstay enhances efficacy of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide spray applications.
  • Mainstay works by reducing water surface tension to increase coverage while forming a protective film to adhere active ingredients to the plant surface.
  • Mainstay improves spray droplet deposition and suppresses off-target drift by producing a more uniform droplet spray pattern.
  • The sticking properties in Mainstay help to reduce tendency for wash-off of the spray deposit caused by light rainfall or irrigation.

Use Rates per 100 Gallons Spray Mix:

  • Wettable Powders: 1/2 to 3 pints
  • Defoliants, Desiccants, Herbicides: 1 to 4 pints

  • Fungicides, Acaricides, Insecticides: 1/4 to 2 pints

Package Sizes

  • 4 x 1 Gallon (MS01)
  • 2 x 2.5 Gallon (MS02)

Registered for Sale in California: 45989-50037-AA

Registered for Sale in Washington: 45989-16001

Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.

1-gallon jug CDPR WSDA

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