Exceed Peat – Garden Combo

Yield Booster for Garden Peas, Sweet Peas, Beans and Lima Beans

 Problem Solved with Exceed Peat Garden Combo

  • IF…You want to maximize nitrogen fixing for legume type garden plants

  • USE…Exceed Peat Garden Combo

  • TO…Ensure that maximum yields are obtained through improved nitrogen availability

General Information

  • Exceed Peat Garden Combo aids in growth and production of all varieties of garden beans, peas, and peanuts. 
  • Exceed Peat Garden Combo contains billions of live bacteria that are essential in the nitrogen fixating process of garden legume plants. These bacteria, when properly placed in the root zone area of the soil, will actively convert atmospheric nitrogen into a useable form for the plant. Therefore, enabling the plant to produce its own organic source of nitrogen, leading to more lush vine growth and ultimately greater yields.
  • This product will not aid in the production of soybeans. 
  • Exceed Peat Garden Combo Treats Peas: Austrian Winter Pea, Garden Pea, Purple Vetch, Field Pea, Flat Pea, Common Vetch, Hairy Vetch, Rough Pea, Manantha Vetch, Narrowleaf Vetch, Faba Bean, Lentil, Sweet Pea, Tangier Pea
  • Exceed Peat Garden Combo Treats Beans:  Black Beans, Cranberry Beans, Pinto Beans, Field or Canning Beans, Kidney Beans, Garden/String Beans, Great Northern Beans, Navy Beans, Pink Bens, Scarlet Runner Beans, Snap Beans, Wax Beans.

Directions For Use:

  • Dampen the Seed

     Dampen the seed with non-chorinated, clean, cool water at a rate of 8.5 fluid ounces of water per 50 pounds of seed.
  • Add Appropriate Amount of Inoculant

    Add the appropriate amount of inoculant at a rate of 2.5 ounces per 50 pounds of seed. 
  • Mixing

    Mix water, seed, and inoculant thoroughly until seed is uniformly coated. This method should be done in a container outside of the planter box. Allow 1 to 3 minutes for mixture to dry and then plant as soon as possible!
  • Apply Directly To Seed

    Exceed Peat can be applied dry directly onto the seed. Mix seed and inoculant thoroughly until seed is uniformly coated. Layering seed and inoculant will aide in this process. Applying the inoculant dry is also recommended for seed that is pre-treated with fungicide, however, maximum seed adhesion will not be obtained by applying this product dry.


Package Sizes

  • 60 x 6 Ounce Poly Bags (GX50)
Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.


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