Spectra AMS

Water Conditioning Agent

Drift Reduction Agent

Deposition Aid


General Information

  • Spectra AMS is a highly active ammonium sulfate based water conditioning agent that enhances herbicide performance by modifying the pH and water hardness of the spray solution.
  • The ammoniacal nitrogen in Spectra AMS has been found to promote herbicide (such as glyphosate) uptake in agricultural applications. 
  • Spectra AMS contains a drift control agent that reduces off target drift and a deposition aid that contains emollients to keep the spray deposit moist for maximum absorption. 
  • Spectra AMS also contains a pH stable antifoam which helps control foaming during tank mixing.

Use Rates

  • Use a rate of 2.5% (2.5 gallons per 100 gallons solution):

     For 8.5 pounds of ammonium sulfate per 100 gallons
  • Use a rate of 5% (5 gallons per 100 gallons solution):

    For 17 pounds of ammonium sulfate per 100 gallons


Package Sizes

  • 2 x 2.5 Gallon (SPAMS02)

Registered for Sale in California: 45989-50018-AA

Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.

2.5 gallon   CDPR CPDA

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