Rain-Check is a proprietary blend of soil surfactants specifically formulated to enhance the infiltration and soil penetration of irrigation and rainfall.

Rain-Check provides uniform infiltration and lateral movement of water to enhance soil moisture content and extend required irrigation cycles.

Rain-Check can be applied anytime throughout the growing season.


  • Rain-Check can be applied through irrigation systems or conventional sprayer.
  • Injection Through Irrigation Systems: Inject 1 quart per acre through any type of irrigation system. Subsequent irrigation injections can be made at the rate of 1 pint per acre, or increase to meet the demand of the crop, or based on environmental conditions.
  • Conventional Sprayers: Apply at 1 quart per acre and follow immediately with irrigation cycle to move Rain-Check into the soil. Apply subsequent applications at 1 pint per acre every 3 to 4 weeks and irrigate immediately. Adjust application timing depending upon climatic conditions and watering requirements.
  • When Mixed With Other Soil Chemistries: Mix Rain-Check at a rate of 1 pint per 100 gallons (0.125% v/v) per 100 gallons of spray solution.


  • 2 x 2.5 Gallons (RC02)

  • 30 Gallon Drum (RC30)

  • 265 Gallon Drum (RC265)

CDFA Registered
Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.

2.5-gallon jug CDFA

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