Hydro-Wet Injectable

Soil Surfactant
Irrigation Injectable Formulation

Problem Solved with Hydro-Wet Injectable

  • IF…You want to prevent and control localized dry spot in highly maintained turf

  • USE…Hydro-Wet Injectable

  • TO…Reduce water’s surface tension in soils while minimizing soil repellency

General Information

  • Hydro-Wet Injectable is designed to enhance the infiltration and penetration of water applied through irrigation systems.
  • Hydro-Wet Injection can be applied through all conventional irrigation systems or by conventional ground spray equipment.
  • Hydro-Wet Injectable can be safely applied as a preventative and curative treatment to improve irrigation efficiency and enhance turf quality.
  • Hydro-Wet Injectable will not harm fine turf grass.

Use Rates

  • Injection Application:

     12-24 fl. oz. per acre
  • Injection Application for more Difficult Areas:

     48 fl. oz. per acre   
  • Ground Spray Equipment:

     1-2 fl. oz. per 2 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet

Package Sizes

  • 30 Gallon Drum (HYI30)
  • 265 Gallon Tote (HYI265)
Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.

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