Nonionic Wetter/Spreader/Penetrant Surfactant

Problem Solved with Cadence

  • IF…You need significantly reduced surface tension for exceptional spray droplet spreading and absorption on target surfaces

  • USE…Cadence

  • TO…Optimize spray application performance using lower adjuvant dosage

General Information

  • Cadence is a new generation surfactant based on organomodified siloxane technology for use in water-based pesticide formulations. 
  • Cadence is a highly effective nonionic wetter/spreader/penetrant surfactant. 
  • Careful observation of spray application is recommended to determine proper and efficient pesticide application. This will optimize the pesticide and surfactant load levels.

Use Rates

  • For use as spray adjuvant with herbicide:

     16 fl. oz. per 100 gallons or 1.6 fl. oz. per acre using a 10 gallon per acre spray rate
  • As an adjuvant with herbicides, micronutrients or defoliants:

     6 to 16 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of spray solution
  • As an adjuvant with insecticides/miticides or fungicides:

     6 to 12 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of spray solution
  • For use with aerial applications:

     12 to 16 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of spray solution
  • Golf Course Tees and Greens:

     0.1% v/v or use the spray rate chart below.
              Spray Rate/1,000 sq. ft.           Amount of Cadence in mix
                     1.0 gal                                         1/8 ounce
                     1.5 gal                                         1/5 ounce
                     2.0 gal                                         1/4 ounce
  • Boom sprayers:

     0.05 to 0.1% v/v or approximately 6 to 13 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of tank mix/water
  • As a Mulch, Peat or Potting Soil Wetting Agent:

     0.05 to 0.1% v/v of water or 6 to 13 fl. oz. per 100 gallons
  • As a Dew Control Agent:

     0.1% v/v in water or approximately 13 fl. oz. per 100 gallons
  • For Use with Liquid Fertilization:

     6 to 13 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of mix

Package Sizes

  • 4 x 1 Gallon (CADEN01)
  • 6 x 1 Quarts (CADEN1Q)

Registered for Sale in California: 45989-50001-AA

Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.

2.5 gallon  CDPR WSDA

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