Spectra Max Tank Mix

Water Conditioning Agent
Drift Reduction Agent

General Information

  • Spectra Max Tank Mix contains water conditioning properties and a homogenized deposition agent designed to improve the precision of spray applications and reduce off-target drift. It is suitable for use on both conventional and transgenic crop varieties. 
  • When used at labeled rates Spectra Max Tank Mix will automatically optimize the angle of the spray pattern, as the spray exits the nozzle, to give maximum coverage of target surfaces while minimizing “pattern fringe” which contains the most driftable particles. 
  • Spectra Max Tank Mix is intended for use as a tank-mix adjuvant where a deposition or drift control agent is required or recommended. 
  • Spectra Max Tank Mix technology has been proven to increase glyphosate activity. 
  • This product also contains emollients which may improve absorption of herbicides into leaf surfaces. 
  • Spectra Max Tank Mix also contains buffering and sequestering agents to adjust pH to a neutral range. 
  • Spectra Max Tank Mix may be used when the pesticide label  recommends the use of a deposition aid or drift control agent. It is not intended as substitute for surfactants or crop oil concentrates.

Use Rates for Ground and Air:

  • Normal Use:

     2 to 3 quarts per 100 gallons of water
  • Hard Water:

     3 quarts per 100 gallons of water


Package Sizes

  • 2 x 2.5 Gallon (SMTM02)

Registered for Sale in California: 45989-50017-AA

Registered for Sale in Washington: 45989-50017


Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.

2.5 gallon   Enlist One Enlist Duo CDPR WSDA CPDA

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