About KALO

About KALO

For nearly eight decades, KALO has used the science of common sense to advance agriculture and turf management.

We pioneered legume inoculants. We introduced the first widely used tank mix spreader-activator. We were an early developer of water management products for highly maintained turf and a significant supplier of box seed treatments for soybeans.

We take our tradition of excellence seriously. Every day, we help turf managers and growers do their jobs more easily, more profitably and with great respect for the environment.

From our acquisition in 1968 by Marion Laboratories to our purchase in 1973 of Colloidal Products Corporation to our emergence in 1981 as an independent company, our way of developing reliable products rooted in world-class science has won us legions of loyal customers.

Today, our high-quality line of products includes Regulaid® Spreader-Activator, Spray Start® blend of AMS, Tournament-Ready® Soil Surfactant, Hydro-Wet® Soil and Turf Wetting Agent, Dri® Nonionic Surfactant, Tronic® Crop Oil/MSO Replacement, Empiric® and Mainstay® Low Rate Nonionic Surfactants, Fraction® Ammonium Sulfate Replacement, as well as drift suppressant, deposition and antifoam agents and a vast portfolio of private label products for top companies nationwide.

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