Spray Prep

Water Conditioning Agent and Buffering Agent

Problem Solved with Spray Prep

  • IF…You want to significantly lower spray mix pH while enhancing glyphosate herbicide performance

  • USE…Spray Prep

  • TO…Remove hard water antagonism, increase spray solubility, and enhance pesticide absorption

General Information

  • Spray Prep is a water conditioning agent that modifies pH. 
  • Spray Prep contains water conditioning agents that improve the performance of certain pesticides and widens the conditions under which pesticides can be applied by maintaining the quality of the spray water. 
  • Spray Prep will help to alleviate antagonism from hard water impurities such as iron, calcium, magnesium and other impurities in the spray solution. 
  • Additionally, Spray Prep will allow certain pesticides, such as glyphosate, to be more soluble in the spray solution and increase pesticide absorption into plants.

Water Hardness Use Rates

  • If water hardness is less than 200 ppm:

     Use 0.25% v/v (1 quart) per 100 gallons of spray mixture
  • If water hardness is between 200-500 ppm:

    Use 0.50% v/v (2 quarts) per 100 gallons of spray mixture
  • If water hardness is greater than 500 ppm:

    Use 1.00% v/v (1 gallon) per 100 gallons of spray mixture

Package Sizes

  • 2 x 2.5 Gallon (SPL02)

Registered for Sale in California: 45989-50033-AA
Registered for Sale in Washington: 45989-14003

Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.

2.5 gallon

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