NOVO Seed Care Prescription Management System

Problem Solved with NOVO

  • IF…You need a precise measuring and mixing seed treatment system

  • USE…The NOVO chemical mixing and prescription management system 

  • TO…Improve precision mixing capabilities 


  • Scaled Measuring Tank
  • Four or Eight Direct Product Ports + Water Connection 
  • Automated Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Transfer Line to Slurry Tank
  • Product Pumps Power to Control Ports (110 v)

General Information

  • The NOVO system helps the Seed Care Operator do a better job of treating seed.
  • The NOVO seed care prescription management system precisely measures and mixes seed treatment slurry based on locally developed prescriptions.
  • The prescriptions are entered into the SIRA database system that is included with the NOVO purchase.
  • The slurry is mixed in a closed automated system which reduces worker exposure.
  • The slurry is transferred to the slurry application tank on the treater. (The NOVO is compatible with all makes, models and brands of slurry based seed treating systems.) 
  • Prescriptions can be saved in the system for future reference, and a report for each batch automatically prints.

Use Rates

  • Rates can be adjusted to obtain the desired coverage and performance based upon the seed size, seed coat, total slurry mix volume, and seed treatment application equipment.

Package Sizes

  • 4-Port (AE-CSA104)
  • 8-Port (AE-CSA108)

NOVO Sales Agents

  • AgTeam Professionals, Garden City, MO • John Ortiz • • 816-773-6018
  • Aspect Ag, Marshall, MN • Scott Bly • • 507-401-3700
  • Farmchem, Floyd, IA • Brian Pieper • • 641-398-2893
  • Growmark, Inc., Bloomington, IL • Randall Holthaus • • 309-557-6331
  • West Coast Seed Mill Supply Company, Salem, OR • Andrew Burleigh • • 503-581-7131 

NOVO is a registered trademark of Agrilead, Inc. and is Distributed by KALO, Inc.


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