One-Ap XL Complete

Water Conditioning and Acidifier for Pesticide Sprays

General Information

  • One-Ap XL Complete is a specially formulated dry blend of water conditioners, nonionic surfactant and pH acidifying ingredients intended for use with pesticide application that recommend ammonium sulfate or where pesticide performance is enhanced by use of a nonionic surfactant or though moderately acidified water pH
  • One-Ap XL Complete contains a dry nonionic surfactant and deposition polymer to enhance spray absorption and reduce spray drift potential as well as an antifoam agent to minimize foam formation during tank mix agitation.
  • One-Ap XL Complete is a spray grade granule that readily goes into solution.
  • One-Ap XL Complete improves pesticide performance by preventing antagonism from hard water minerals, improving spray coverage and by acidifying pH.

Use Rate for Ground or Aerial Applications

  • Use One-Ap XL Complete at 10 pounds per 100 gallons of spray solution. 
  • One 40 pound bag treats up to 400 gallons of spray solution.

Package Sizes

  • 45 Pound Bag (OAXLC45)

Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.

45-lb bag

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