Foam-Dye Blue

Blue Concentrate for Higher Visibility Foam

Problem Solved with Foam-Dye Blue

  • IF…You want to enhance visibility of field maker foams

  • USE…Foam-Dye Blue

  • TO…Add a highly visible blue colorant to foam markers for easy detection in field stubble

General Information

  • Foam-Dye Blue is a highly concentrated and safe colorant, which when added to a foam solution tank, will produce a colored and highly visible foam. 
  • Applicators of fertilizers and pesticides will discover the ease of application when guided by a trail of brilliantly colored foam marks. 
  • Adverse field conditions such as sun-bleached stubble, heavy crop residue, snow, sand or alkaline areas will restrict the visibility of normal foam marks. However, by adding Foam-Dye Blue to the foam solution tank, the user will eliminate this costly and frustrating situation. 
  • An added benefit of coloring foam is if by chance the foam marks “drain” or dissipate prior to the return trip across the field, a trail of colored “spots” will remain on the field surface to easily guide the user. 
  • Foam-Dye Blue will not reduce the expansion capability of foam solution. 
  • This product will not harm the soil or crop.

Use Rates

  • Standard Use Rate:

     1 fl. oz. per 10 gallons of foam concentrate solution

Package Sizes

  • 12 x 1 Quart Foam-Dye Blue (FD02)
Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.

1 quart bottle

For further information regarding this product, please refer to one of the following sheets.