Spreader-Sticker for Agricultural Sprays

Problem Solved with Bio-Film

  • IFYou need a sticking agent that works well with fungicides and insecticides

  • USE…Bio-Film

  • TO…Hold pesticide on plant in a non-drying film that grows with plant and reduces loss during adverse weather

General Information

  • Bio-Film is a water soluble spreader-sticker which is formulated to provide improved distribution and retention of fungicide, insecticide, acaracide, and other crop protection or plant nutrient sprays that recommend the use of a spray adjuvant. Bio-Film is a high contact sticker/extender designed to retard pesticide wash-off due to rainfall, irrigation or dew. Bio-Film contains surface active agents which aid in spreading by reducing the surface tension and contact angle of the spray droplets. Special additives are designed to minimize evaporation of the spray solution

Use Rates

  • Ground Conventional Sprayers:

     1/2 to 2 pints per 100 gallons of water
  • Heavy Rainfall or During Overhead Irrigation Use:

     3 to 6 fl. oz. per acre
  • Ground-High Volume Sprayers for Tree Fruit, Citrus, and Nuts:

     Up to 750 gallons of spray per acre: 8 fl. oz. per 100 gallons
  • Over 750 gallons of spray per acre:

     4 to 6 fl. oz. per 100 gallons
  • Aircraft Sprayers:

     3 to 6 fl. oz. per acre

Package Sizes

  • 55 Gallon (BF55)
Refer to specimen label and material safety data sheet for more information about this product.

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