About KALO

April 23, 2009

KALO, Inc. - Overland Park, Kansas


In 1932, KALO was one of the first developers of soybean inoculant products designed to enhance crop yield. Today, KALO goes “back to our roots” with the introduction of Vigor™ Growth Promoting Inoculation System for soybeans.

With 2009 soybean production expected to approach a record 80-million acres, the timing is right to introduce growers to a new product that offers performance, flexibility and convenience. As growers rotate their land back into soybeans, often-times the naturally-occurring rhizobia bacteria populations are depleted in soils. To avoid performance losses typically associated with inadequate nitrogen, it’s recommended that growers treat soybean seeds with fresh inoculants.

Vigor is an at-planting-time soybean seed enhancement designed to inoculate and hasten early growth and establishment of the crop. The convenient Vigor Tri-Pak System delivers more active bacteria to the seed than competitive products. Vigor is formulated for use over a range of application rates – like no other inoculant offered today. One Tri-Pak case will treat from 150 to 250 units of seed depending upon local agronomic conditions.

Vigor Tri-Pak includes three parts: concentrated inoculant, plant growth enhancer and liquid extender solution. The inoculant and plant growth promoter are packaged in bladder style cartons while the liquid extender component is shipped in a 2.5-gallon poly jug that is short-filled to allow the addition of the two companion products. This all-in-one packaging will treat up to 250 units of seed.

KALO is teaming up with a leading international supplier for biological products, Sintesis Quimica, S.A.I.C. based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 1951, Sintesis Quimica has been recognized by industry leaders for its development of the continuous process of cultivation of Bradyrhizobium and Rhizobium cells that are used in inoculants. KALO’s partnership with Sintesis Quimica originated twenty-five years ago when both companies exchanged technology and marketing expertise.

Vigor will be sold exclusively through selected distributors and seed dealers who are dedicated to supporting growers with the finest quality crop inputs available today. Compare Vigor to competitive inoculants and you’ll find that Vigor makes dollars and sense.

For more information visit www.vigorforsoybeans.com or call 877-248-6742.