About KALO

January – December, 2012

KALO, Inc. - Overland Park, Kansas

2012 marks KALO's 80th year in business. Below is a brief timeline showing KALO's growth and progress since 1932 until today.

Established in 1932 as the KALO Inoculant Company in Quincy, Illinois, the firm developed a line of bacterial legume inoculants used by Midwest farmers to boost alfalfa and clover hay yields.

In 1968, KALO was acquired by Marion Laboratories, the Kansas City based pharmaceutical company, and was renamed KALO Laboratories, Inc. Product research intensified, producing unique seed treatments by combining inoculants, plant nutrients and fungicides. KALO also emerged as a significant supplier of box seed treatments for soybeans.

KALO purchased Colloidal Products Corp., Petaluma, California, in 1973 and added an excellent research program and extensive line of spray adjuvants.

In 1981, KALO employees purchased their company from Marion under the current name KALO, Inc. Most of the seed treatment product line was then sold to narrow the KALO focus on the adjuvant, turf specialty and private label businesses. These remain KALO’s focus today.

KALO, Inc., the company that pioneered bacterial legume inoculants, and the first widely used tank mix spreader-activator, is celebrating 80 years of dedication to the advancement of agriculture and turf management.